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Datenbank Dietrich online

«Mit Dietrich online sollen bibliographische Angaben zu ca. 5. Mio im deutschen Sprachraum von 1897- 1944 erschienenen Zeitschriftenaufsätzen und Zeitungsartikeln in einer nach Autorennamen, Titelstichwörtern, deutschsprachigen Schlagwörtern, Zeitschriften- resp. Zeitungstiteln und Jahren durchsuchbaren Online-Datenbank nachgewiesen und weltweit verfügbar gemacht werden.» →

Digital Dante

«Digital Dante
is a venue for research and ideas on Dante. Our effort is to stimulate new perspectives and new approaches to Dante Studies. To that end, we have organized our platform around broadly intuitive categories». →

Readers and scholars of Dante can explore our site through these categories:

  • Divine Comedy with Commento Baroliniano features Dante’s text in the Petrocchi edition with English translations by Mandelbaum and Longfellow. .
  • Intertextual Dante is a digital tool for visualizing intertextual references in the Divine Comedy. t.
  • Image gathers together both image galleries and scholarship on artistic interpretations of Dante.
  • Sound features aural and musicological investigations of Dante and his world.
  • History highlights original research of a historicist bent, including a Dante chronology (ed. Grace Delmolino).
  • Text features original textual research. This section also houses a select library of Dante’s works in their original Italian, as well as English translations by Richard Lansing and Andrew Frisardi exclusive to Digital Dante.» •

Index : A brief history

«Known from antiquity and used sporadically throughout the Middle Ages, it was not until the Renaissance and its appearance in print that the index was made a permanent feature of the book. After its first tentative appearance in print in 1467, it reappeared sporadically until its more widespread adoption in the sixteenth century. Today, the index remains an indispensable tool for readers, students and scholars alike.»

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