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* 1946, Dr. theol. h.c., Interessengebiete: Frühe Neuzeit (Theologie, Rechtsgeschichte), Kulturgeschichte

Impressive Bookbinding

(Bild: michaelmoonsbookshop)

The Preacher, London (Longman & Co.) 1849, Einbanddesign von Owen Jones 

«The London firm of Remnant & Edmonds specialised in unusual bindings. Books from their bindery appeared with sides in decorated vellum, velvet, art-silk inlaid with gold, porcelain, tortoiseshell, flock, coloured paper and brightly-stained roan. Their pièce de résistancewas The Preacher, 1849, by Owen Jones. They invented a method whereby they were able accurately to imitate carved wood in almost Grindling Gibbons fashion. The pattern was burnt into the wood under considerable pressure, but few copies have managed to survive to the present day.» Eric Quayle :  The Collector’s Book of Books, London 11971, 111 • 

Humour and Laughter in History : Transcultural Perspectives

Elisabeth Cheauré / Regine Nohejl (eds.) : Humour and Laughter in History : Transcultural Perspectives, Bielefeld 2014.
OAPEN Library (PDF)

«Humour can be used as a »weapon« or as a means of coping with problematic historical events, especially in times of war and crisis. The book presents examples from different cultures (Russia, Europe, USA), from different historical epochs (from the Napoleonic era up to the current time) and from different medias (caricature, journalism, film). By looking at the individual cases it becomes possible to recognize some general structural patterns and to gain a deeper insight into the »functioning« of humour and laughter.»