Leitfaden ‹Papier und Wasserzeichen›

(Bild: siwiarchiv.de)
Neil Harris : Paper and Watermarks as Bibliographical Evidence, Lyon 2017, 157 S. →  http://ihl.enssib.fr/en/paper-and-watermarks-as-bibliographical-evidence (PDF)
«This text is a bibliographical guide to texts and images relating to the history of paper and papermaking, mainly comprising the hand-papermaking period. Mechanical papermaking, beginning with the invention of the Foudrinier machine at the beginning of the Nineteenth century is briefly, but not exhaustively, treated. Its original purpose was to be included in the workbook of the eponymous course delivered at the École of the Institut d’histoire du livre in Lyon in 2009, and again in 2010, after which a ‹first edition› was published on the site of the IHL in the latter year.» (via Archivalia) •