Valerian Maximilian Reimann 1893 : Menonis Simonis vita vitaeque actio

reimannValerian Maximilian Reimann : Menonis Simonis qualis fuerit vita vitaeque actio exponatur, Oratio in memoriam ecclesiae restauratae a. d. III. Kal. Jun. 1893 in aede Paulina Jenensi ex lege beneficii Lynckeriani habita ab Valerian Maximilian Reimann, Jenae, 1893
«Valerian Maximilian Reimann, a student of theology who delivered a Latin address on Menno Simons with the title, Menonis Simonis qualis juerit vita vitaeque actio exponatur (Life and Works of Menno Simons). The address was made on 30 May 1893, at Jena, probably at the instigation ofFriedrich Nippold, who was a professor of theology at the University of Jena 1884-1907. It was published (Jena, 1893) as a university paper, but was not meant for distribution, hence is rather scarce. It is found in the [[Amsterdam Mennonite Library (Bibliotheek en Archief van de Vereenigde Doopsgezinde Gemeente te Amsterdam)|Mennonite Library of Amsterdam]], in the National Library of Paris, and in the Library of the University of Göttingen.»